Thursday, April 24, 2008


sorry about the continued absence of TUSK posts but it is hard to post about "Storms" with this kind of weather - besides, there are other noteworthy aspects of the internet that are also worth your attention -

* NATE aka UNCHAINED née KNIFESTORM et al has taken the plunge into video artistry, and the results, predictably, are great - please introduce your youtube to NUMUW for video and audio remixes of typically well-chosen source material alchemized into typically compelling and uncanny pieces d'art - check out the unsettling kuduro remix and chill, epic prog vibes of his video for Wingdings' "Return to Earth Part IV" -

* LEV and WHITNEY aka BALL DEEP, no strangers to distinctive video sensibilities and unique syntheses of disparate elements, have recently dropped a frankly groundbreaking video of their fan-fiction, "new gaze" remix of globetrotting superstars Vampire Weekend's originary myth, "Walcott" - reimagined as a slow, blissily tragic swim in one of Cape Cod's (?) monster-infested lakes:

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Ball Deep Intl said...

oh man, our first app on Green Lodge!
Coincidentally you'll be getting trackbacks from a post we did today.

Thanks for the kind, precise words.
The video was shot in Poland, ME but def takes place on the Cape.

And yeah Nate, if you see this, the videos are awesome. Miss you.