Thursday, March 13, 2008

di genius

18 year old JA superproducer phenom + a riddim that blends what seems like more awesome of-the-moment sounds, beats, and textures from more continents than I've ever heard together into a seamless whole + 10 minutes of dancehall dudes going crazy with ridiculously awesome, futuristically produced flows = biggest WTF mp3 I've downloaded in a long fucking time - if you're wondering where the bar is at for music in 2008-2009, it is here, and it is scary fucking high. writeup here on Das Fader. see also dude's myspace, especially 'look pan dah gyal deh', utterly sick!! and the recent Sean Paul hit 'watch them roll'. via rrrruptrue - DJing next Friday @Glasslands, see you there?

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Birdseed said...

I love this boy's productions. The complex, plicky-plucky deconstructive sounds, the almost dubstep-like darkness and dub influences, the seamless switching between one-drop and 3-3-2... He's great. Current favourite: Mavado's "Amazing Grace" on Tremor.