Monday, March 3, 2008


what if the Matrix was a TV serial set on a lush Pacific island, written by Philip K Dick, directed by David Lynch, and produced by God Himself? this show makes me feel lucky to be alive at this point in human history

[note to Sean I feel like this is too abstract to be a spoiler but if you don't want to risk it please avert your eyes and catch up with season 4 asap]

thoughts: ok so what we call memory is kind of like your sense of time, in the same way that your eyes sense space - it's a weird, non-intuitive way to think about it, but so is the idea that time is a dimension like space is. and like your other senses, your memory/timesense changes with age, usually for the worse, and it can even get injured - or totally fucked up by advanced physics-centric 'side effects' in an unbelievably compelling, ultra-impressive, philosophically breathtaking tour de force of sci-fi storytelling kind of way! I buy this 100%!! these guys are fucking geniuses

anybody that is skeptical about this direction or this show in general can eat a dick! LOST is easily the early front-runner for the #1 most awesome work of deity-level creativity of the 21st century, it has been true since the beginning and it is still true and it is becoming more and more evident in its truth.

if you're going to read one long and extremely thought-provoking thing about last week's amazing episode of lost which is already changing the way I see the world it should probably be this

update: more scientific validation from Popular Mechanics, who apparently has a regular feature science-checking LOST and other shows/movies/etc? via back4000

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