Friday, March 7, 2008


1 - such a bummer to see Samantha Power fuck up wrt 'monster' etc for all sorts of reasons. like everybody else, I liked her book, def one of the highlights of my undergrad syllabus. this recent interview with her on the appropriately-named UK political talk show 'Hard Talk' is really fucking intense and pretty interesting on lots of levels, not just the tacit admission that election-season talk of getting all the troops out of Iraq in 16 months is, while not 'just' talk, is obviously an aspirational goal to be modified as merited by circumstances more than an ironclad policy promise. I found her presence on his team reassuring and hope that she'll still have a role in any Obama admin when this is all said and done. draw your own parallels to the Austan Goolsbee/NAFTA affair, this increasingly depraved primary is already claiming some unfortunate casualities

2 - on a more positive POWER-related note - Neptunes Power Hour @ Savalas tonite! psyched that this is happening, really intrigued wrt what the vibe will be like, wish I could be there but I gotta celebrate P-Wolf's impending non-bachelorhood, hopin for pix! Alexis has the details

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alexis said...

i dunno, i'm kinda glad that she's off the team, she really rubs me the wrong way. mostly because i have heard her speak on democracy now a couple of times. esp in this interview she seems smug, a bit uninformed-in-a-celebrity-pundit-sorta-way and her general "let's just have a conversation/all get along" vibe is exactly the facet of obama's campaign that disturbs me a little. i did not read her book, but good riddance, nonetheless.