Tuesday, March 4, 2008


played with these guys and girl Friday in Bmore and Saturday in NYC, made me more excited about an indie rock band than I've been since the days of listening to Meneguar's "House of Cats" on repeat for hours. propulsive beats with a mess of shredtastic, dueling, pop spaghetti western/surf guitar runs on top courtesy of Ken and ex-Ecstatic Sunshiner Dustin Wong, fronted by the awesome pixietastic sparkplug Molly Sigel, easily the most charismatic frontperson I've seen in a minute, who spends most of the set hopping around, eyes half-closed or lifted up to the ceiling and this huge sublime ecstatic smile on her face, so much joy in this band, so inspiring - check out this epic and awesomely illustrative new track "Celebrate the Body Electric" from their forthcoming album on their myspace! definitely go see these guys whenever poss

lots of great pics from the Brooklyn show Sat nite here from Tod Seelie and here from Rebecca Smeyne, also featuring us and the insanely futuristic and impressively lit metal of Genghis Tron, also a video courtesy of Torsten M and a fun pic of us courtesy of Jeremy K up on Brooklyn Veg (really pulling of that trashy NY douchebag look!), I gotta say in all honesty we were really fucking awesome too, crowd surfers, near-vomiting, power, I think things will be OK

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