Monday, March 10, 2008

top 3 things posing urgent questions about the true meaning of my existence, late sunday night march 9

1 - "you will make many changes before settling satisfactorily," from an earlier-delivered fortune cookie. kind of intense, no? is this the most/the least accurate fortune I've ever received?

2 - "storms" from fleetwood mac's "tusk" album (a stunning work of art which I have just, finally, plunged deeply into today and will obv be listening to for the rest of my life, thx Designer, more on this later). am I a blue calm sea, or a storm?

fleetwood mac - storms

3 - "The Constant" episode of LOST, still, obviously


Ball Deep Intl said...

Where'd you order from? I recently got this: "Your problem just got bigger. Think, what have you done?" From the place on Union and 5th ave.

johnnn said...

mr. wonton, it's in the slope - they'd probably deliver to you. pretty quality stuff, 'not too greasy'! check it out menupages style

johnnn said...

also that fortune is utterly terrifying

Aron said...

my cookie had TWO fortunes in it.

ben said...

Tusk is a great record. Lindsay was gettin into punk music and Stevie wanted to just listen to Steve Miller.
"what makes you think youre the one" you can sing that song to someone else or yourself. thats a good one and beautiful childs got that part that goes"your eyes say yes but you dont say yes."