Monday, March 17, 2008


but first, pictures of emilio, my cutest friend and closest confidant. jeff & caitlin brought this friendly yet serious, insanely loveable little guy into the collective life of 502 about a year ago, iirc, and it is fucked up that I haven't shared him with you before now. *

readers, I present to you: emilio in wicker tunnel. you can click to make them bigger, higher res versions available upon request.

* obligatory link to ethan zuckerman lecture on how the internet is mostly for pictures of cute cats. cute cats: web 2.0 = lulz: web 3.0. tho I gotta admit I am feeling a bit of a weird internetty thrill posting these...


andrea said...

that second picture is awesome! he is so pleased and relaxed and he looked like he's even smiling a little.

catz rule!

Annie said...

So I'll go ahead and be "that girl" that only comments on cute cat pictures, but AWWWWWW LOOKIT THAT FACE!