Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'm a hulkamaniac cuz, period

pretty interesting and occasz awesome interview of Clipse/Re-Up by DC's Peter Rosenberg, punctuated by some of awk white guy interviewer moments but otherwise a good forum for real talk on VA/MD, rap influences (yung Clipse walking around school with headphones listening to 'Fear of a Black Planet'), politics (Malice really wishes Obama and Clinton could run together and have 16 years, Sand is more an Obama partisan, "it is so gentleman-like when he gives it back to her!"), and, for max lolz and intensity, 1980s pro wrestling, dudes are BIG fans, their reaction to him even bringing it up is priceless ("WHAT.")

(the freestyle is on point too, liva and pusha esp awes, really feelin the foursome)

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