Sunday, March 30, 2008

on returning

back from the wedding in Chas (aka Charleston), it was a really amazing, beautiful week, pictures soon. so fortunate to have been surrounded by so much love and the extended familial vibes of the Wolfgangs/Clearys, to say nothing of the impeccable company of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, in general and especially when having to deal with the deeply disturbing news wrt my home

it's weird being back, and crushing to have the feelings of love and warmth etc of coming home to my green room and with little Emilio prowling around on my bed and Jeff and Caitlin enjoying one of their typically ambitious and delicious homecooked meals by candlelight in the kitchen, now suffused with so much sadness and anger at this turn of events. I'm not going to say too much right now - I've got three months of ongoing and steadily intensifying heartbreak to look forward to and I've got to figure out how to pace the grieving.

not to mention I've heard some intriguing things about potential legal options.

not to mention the legendary parties to come.

anyway I am still too stunned and useless from this to write about "Tusk" right now, but Holly has posted some extensive personal reflections on Tusk and Fleetwood Mac in general that are worth your time, inc this especially on point passage:

Fleetwood Mac made me see that human beings are flawed in sometimes catastrophic ways that they can't control. There are unpredictable, sometimes dark, sometimes ominous things that motivate them, and there is a certain beauty to that darkness that is rarely captured.

yes. Steve is also vibing on personal Tusk-infused darkness and confusion. in the meantime, rest assured that I will still be in my room, listening to it, feeling the darkness, etc.

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