Friday, March 7, 2008

extended Aadolescence

also of note - we're playing this UNIQUE show this Saturday, March 8 with awes singer/looper Julianna Barwick, who I raved about in this space a few weeks ago. we will be playing music in a basement, which will be recorded and broadcast live on the web via Viva Radio while the audience - you, potentially! - watches in a separate room with video projections from four separate cameras in the room with us. yeah right 'voyeurism' etc whatever I don't really get it either, but maybe it will be cool? see for more on the vibe

=== Viva-Radio Presents Adolescent Sessions, with

=== Aa (Big A little a)
=== Julianna Barwick

== doors at 8, show starts at 9 sharppp
== (yes you will have time to run home to watch Vampire Weekend on SNL)

= US$5
= UnionDocs Bodega - 322 Union Ave (corner of S. 1st)
= L/M/J to Lorimer

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