Tuesday, February 12, 2008


hey this is a decent little snow vibe we've got going here in the lodge, it's about fucking time

pleease please treat yourself to this short and unbelievably vibeable youtube of a recent performance by Julianna Barwick, via PTW, which has utterly transfixed me for much of the past 18 hours, kind of post-Animal Collective vocal looping but stripped down to just the vocal looping and really clean, plus ethereal, enya-but-better-esque melodies that really compliment the wintry vibe in their gauzy iridescence - seriously, could anything be more obviously my shit than this??

myspace etc, interview + songs on a portuguese radio show etc, I think we're playing a show with her early next month, stay tuned!

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acc said...

you're so lucky to get some snow! here i am in sweden, and there's not a snowflake to be found. i'm so jealous. xo alison