Sunday, February 17, 2008


as far as I'm concerned sheryl lee's performance as laura palmer in fire walk with me is w/o a doubt the best performance by any actor or actress in movie history, it is fucking insane that she wasn't nominated for a million oscars. you should probably not bother watching this if you aren't already familiar, but for those that are - the ending, with laura in the red room with agent cooper, is just devastatingly powerful, this seriously makes me bawl my fucking brains out when I'm in the 'right' mood, as I am this cloudy sunday -

it's her reaction when the angel appears that really fucking slays me, that heartbreaking mix of absolute joy and shocked disbelief - the intense, laughing/crying revelation that, despite all the evil clouding her life, and despite the darkness and self-destruction in her own heart, she is still redeemed

angelo badalamenti - the voice of love

(also, LOSTies may note the, ahhh, extremely direct similarities between this piece and that recurring (though recently rare), stirringly romantic musical theme from LOST)

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