Monday, February 4, 2008

update for cheap

UPDATE: "tower of pisa / leanin / in that late-model somethin / lookin for life's meanin"

"treehuggin ass bitch please"

"who fucking with my golf swing / eghk"

"we ain't worried bout nothin / hakuna matata"

"like pearl jam I kill my peers like jeremy / and here I am with open arms like journey" [insert PTW-style snark about how much blogs will love this couplet + added irony of this actually being a blog more or less]

"we the wire season 2 bitches / back to the docks"

"I apologize for the destruct and decay / that was brought upon by my liberace key-play"

"cos I can't wait for skateboard to save me / my house in default / his house paisley / he's not at fault / no not vaguely / he's on a yocht [hilarious British pronounciation] / somewhere with Jay-Z"

[this one reminds me of the last uncompromisingly hard, post-celebrity producer rap album I really loved, Free At Last, ''back without a Just track / tried to reach out and work / but he ain't chirp back" etc]

"pad / a fly bag / a must-have / the porsche / jimmy choos / nice calves / I typecast my broads"

"and the lord don't understand our truth / we gon' never say shit / we the blue man group"


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