Thursday, February 14, 2008


Pitchfork, typically ripping off my content without giving me credit much as they give rave reviews to bands that blatantly rip us off in various ways without giving us credit*, has also picked up on the McCainette playlist stuff and a), seems, charmingly, and multiply revealingly, maybe slightly confused that such solidly Pitchforkian taste could be held by a Republican, b) helpfully for sure adds a link to this weighty bit of McCainformation - he's got the endorsement of green lodge music icon BURT BACHARACH. huh! but didn't he put out some kind of schmaltzy anti-war 'what is this world coming to?' or something album recently?? what's his vibe on this? gonna have to wait until I hear what David and Warwick have to say, will try and do some more research on this

* I am just kidding I mean they don't read the blog obv we both just read slate whatever and I am not that salty about their goddamned reviews anymore I guess!

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