Sunday, February 3, 2008

a victory for new york sports

fuck yeah so proud of these g-men, was so fucking satisfying to make Brady and those New England babies look like the overrated little bitches they are - seriously, dude was on the verge of tears towards the end, I'd modestly like to take credit for leading the bar in a big chorus of 'awwwwwwww'. there's no excitement like sports excitement and no non-gay bar situation in which you get so many shots of tequila and hugs from dudes you've never met before and it's totally OK like a triumphant sports bar situation!

afterwards everyone 'woooo!'ing in the street, cars honkin, bros everywhere, and Dav finds this nice fitted Yankees hat that fell out one of the cars, just my size too! I dunno, I took it, accepting it as a gift of fate, is that fucked up? what, was I gonna run down Smith street stopping every car to ask if they'd just lost a Yankees hat? I lost my previous Yankees hat last October while having one of those great drunken convos with Peter Wolfgang up at Columbia after an intense night at Cafe Havana or whatever the West End is now, and it fell somewhere over the wall by Riverside Park. it was obviously a bad omen and sure enough the Yanks lost the next night at that fucking Biblical-level fucked up loss vs. Cleveland with all the bugs etc. finding this way nicer hat tonight under these circumstances seems to augur v well for the baseball season, the new Yankees dynasty, the Chamberlain/Hughes/Kennedy era, begins in 2 months, v soon after Peter's wedding coincidentally! Dav is sitting on the couch recording 'Mossy', inspired by the language of Steev, 2nd album could be in the proverbial can by the end of the month or so? it's an aggressive target. I think that covers everything

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