Thursday, February 14, 2008

the offspring

of note - McCain's daughter Meghan's blog, correctly noted by slate etc as refreshingly 'normal', unpolished, and almost completely apolitical (other than a brief note of Johnny Ramone's Republicanism wrt "My Brain is Hanging Upside Down" aka "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg"...!). mostly check out her playlists, which a) seem to be the most prominent feature of the blog so far, b) include really, ah, accessible commentary like "What does it feel like to win the Florida primary? It feels like the Doors song "Break on Through"...", "I've also included some of my favorite songs from classic artists like Led Zeppelin and The Smiths; like my life, wardrobe and approach to this campaign, I love to mix it up,", "this song always makes me want to drink a martini," (whoa-uh!) etc and c) well actually a lot of these playlists are like pretty OK! like she could DJ a night at any random bar in the LES and no one would know the difference. lots of standard indie and hip-hop fare plus some mildly intriguing surprises (Pulp's 'Like A Friend'!, 'Mambo Sun'!, 'Search and Destroy'!) -

and - she's apparently a CC'07 art history major?? news to me. any yung CU readers know her, have vibes to share? I can only guess that she's a big vampire weekend fan

meanwhile, her dad doesn't use computers...?? wait, seriously??


Hillary Obama said...

Isn't this the "love child" of McCain? She seems whiter than I thought. Senator John McCain is secretly 136 years old. This is truth.

andrea said...

oh yea i've been totally following her blog for a while now, originally thinking i'd be mildly disgusted but am surprisingly compelled by her- she seems totally normal/not weird and doesn't really have any strange hangups considering her dad is so intense and her mom was a pill popper, etc etc. there are some super dear pics of her and her dad in earlier posts, before his run got so revved up....