Monday, February 25, 2008

time eroding, the long night passing

thx Hanx for drawing attention to this gem from the aforementioned 1993 Steely Dan bootleg - a previously unknown-to-me Walter Becker solo song, "Book of Liars," that I've listened to 39 43 times so far today - come with me, this is a gorgeous, subtly swinging, quietly soulful ballad with really fucking heartbreaking and poetic lyrics and sax licks all over the fucking place -

from Becker's 94 solo album "11 tracks of whack!"  seriously!  listen to how fucking sophisticated yet emotional this is!  listen to the ache in Becker's voice in that last verse!  goddamn this is good does anyone on this internet have the mp3 of the album vers, or the rest of whack for that matter??

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Stay said...

which one of us is gonna take a headfirst nosedive into "Whack"?!? someone's gotta go there, boldly...