Monday, February 25, 2008

spring fever

highlights from the past week of the indispensable LoHud Yankees Blog by beat writer Peter Abraham

- Spring training is a lot like LOST

- Carl Pavano gets totally pwned by a clubhouse kid after having the fucking nerve to show up at camp for free food, rehabbing, and a per diem etc (see comments) on top of the $40m he's stolen from the Yankees over the past 4 years. has any Yankees player ever been so universally, openly, and basically deservedly hated before?

- A-Rod on Joe G's new running regimen - “It’s a track meet. But I really welcome that. I like that. I’m kind of psycho myself.” no seriously folks he is! I can't help it, his utter dedication to his own weirdness is starting to grow on me

- Tony Peña's crazy new catcher drills! "At one point he had Jorge Posada, Jose Molina, Francisco Cervelli and Jason Brown all lay on their stomachs in a row. Then Pena shot four pop-ups into the sky at two-second intervals. The catchers had to get off the grass, find the ball in the sky and catch it while avoiding each other..."

- Mike Mussina indulging in some cheesy ass decoration - "Mike Mussina’s locker is in a dark corner of the clubhouse, up against a cement wall. To brighten the place up, he hung a poster of an open window overlooking the ocean. Then somebody else hung a curtain over the window and added a little shelf..." the Jack Shepard of the pitching staff! I can't really explain it he just is. update, photo!

- and, in the Times - talk about burying the lede! Joba "walks among the lockers bare-chested, displaying his big tattoos and his little gold nipple rings." Just when you thought this guy couldn't get any more fucking awesome n.h.!

- Phil "Franchise" (expectations much?) Hughes is also fucking awesome! and he's got a blog! online Q&A comin up! this is gonna be a great year, I really fucking love this team again for the first time in a minute. 502mates we definitely gotta get cable for real by April

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