Friday, February 15, 2008

barack obama subscribed to your feed

update: on further reflection, I think I've realized why I love this so much - while my generalized, reflexive cynicism about politics prevents me from really feeling the more earnest variations on the Obamamania 'change' etc vibe, these are all smaller and way more accessible, yet awesome and often genuinely moving examples of everyday heroism that have emotional content I can actually connect with. I mean, I have a hard time imagining what 'change' really could be tbh (though I have an easier time imagining what it's not), but I can totally imagine Barack subscribing to my blog feed, leaving a comment here and there, checkin out the Aa myspace, etc, and yeah maybe he was already making some coffee and made an extra cup for me knowing I would need it, etc. and tbh it is really cool to have a candidate that you can have those kinds of chill fantasies about

via wayne via the secret, non-cheating google console, awesome and weirdly compelling meta-Obamamania net-art -


designer said...
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holly said...

This is kind of cool.
Encyclopedia Baracktannica

holly said...

i am really into obama mania, how it is permeating into every form of communication. and then, there are the physical reactions to obama, see below, very intense.