Tuesday, February 19, 2008


via linky wayne, a blogging tour de force: stuff white people like - or, more accurately, stuff that bourgey liberal Democrat cosmopolitan hegemonic elite whites like!! barack obama at #7, hello!

despite the high rankings for coffee etc and despite the obv problematic nature of a list like this if you want to be 'serious' or whatever it is actually striking how many of these things I actually explicitly despise and/or publicly denounce on a regular basis, never thought of it as sublimated race self-hate before but who knows? then again honestly most of this stuff is genuinely fucking bullshit! I'd like to think of my hating as colorblind, or at least as motivated by my own unique deep-seated personal failings and fears and no-one else's - I want to live in an America where people of all races can freely loathe 'travel', global 'awareness', yoga, non-profits, going outside, bragging about not having a TV, organic food, film festivals, 80s nights, natural medicine, lawyers, Juno, snowboarding, architecture, the Daily Show/Colbert Report, breakfast places, plays, Netflix, Arrested Development, renovations, difficult breakups, hating your parents, Mos Def, standing still at concerts, expensive sandwiches, Wes Anderson movies, dogs, knowing what's best for poor people, etccc!

PS - don't worry, friends of all races that like any of these things, I do not 'loathe' 'you', was kind of riffing on Alec T's eloquently misanthropic Facebook 'interests'


w&w said...

i would suggest (hope?) that it's not race self-hate that you've been sublimating but, rather, frustration with race itself as it plays out in US culture.

& never mind that "people of all races" crap unless you actually believe in discrete races. they're a fiction, and we only make them real when we act as if they are. silly sites like this help give the lie to racial essentialism.

thx for linky!

johnnn said...

actually I think that in my case most of my hatings on these is due to frustration with the US political culture than anything - half of the hates are bourgey environmentalism, half are liberal paternalism, etc. the last 'half' are mostly things I just don't like or understand, like indie music and 'films'

Golden Eagle Award Winner said...

Do you think you might hate these things because
yr not Gen X?