Monday, January 14, 2008

3 recent improvements and 3 goals for further improvements to be achieved in the next week


1 - 1.25 yrs later, got my replacement passport in the mail today, thx fam

2 - here at the lodge-house we get our cable TV 'informally' and don't really get all the channels - as I like to say, we get just enough so that there's usually something on you can watch if you're just in the mood to watch TV, but not so many channels that there's always something on that you want to watch, if that makes sense. the fun part is that the channels we get change every once in awhile - I wish I'd been keeping track of it, but I feel like maybe once a year we get a few new ones and lose some old ones. well, we just got sci-fi, bravo, comedy central, and fox news, bitches. haven't checked for YES yet but I'm crossin my fingaz. not sure if there were any casualties, we'll see

3 - added Google shared items feed to the right side of this blog page, inspired, as I am in so many ways, by Nate. this will be a place where I put special links that I am not nec gonna blog but are very special in their own unbloggable way

to be achieved this week:

1 - fix bike

2 - NEW CHAIR, my back is killing me owowowowo

3 - shave

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