Tuesday, January 8, 2008

wild ones

so for mysterious reasons I'm suddenly in the process of revisiting Suede, a high school obsession that I'm hoping to turn up some redeeming qualities for. I am pleased to report that I am having more success than in previous attempts! back in the day I remember not really getting why this song - kind of a lone moment of sunniness in the midst of their epic, catastrophic, extremely vibe-able second album "Dog Man Star," much like these beautiful days of springlike weather here in early January NYC are inevitably a prelude to some truly wintry harshness in the weeks ahead - got so much love on the Suede-centric internet (or AOL or whatever), I somehow thought the lyrics were too cheesy and that the hook wasn't quite big (now I'd say 'raunchy') enough

turns out, I just wasn't ready to look past/accept the lyrics, which aren't even that bad considering how bad they'd get on subsequent albums, and recognize the beautiful, yearning vocal performance, the subtly transcendent, gently anthemic qualities of the chorus, and the fucking production, which to me is so distinct and uniquely shaded and I can't figure out why, is it just a lot of reverb or what? gonna talk more about this album later, at night, as is more app, but I'm really fascinated by the mystery of what makes this sound so 'right' to me... for now, come with me on a sentimental yet awesomely mysterious and unfamiliar yet totally windswept walk over the sunny moor, ignore the cheesiness of the strings in the outro, which I used to like but now grate, etc

suede - the wild ones

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holly said...

john, i am loving your blog right now