Saturday, January 5, 2008

lil wayne

thanks to the magical secret blogosphere of Google Reader's 'shared items' feature (Nate, Chris, Sean, Vern, and Wayne, I'm right there reading with you), I just read what I'm pretty sure is the best and truest essay on politics in all of human history, via Wayne's reader and written by Timothy Burke, that is going to be absolutely mandatory reading for everybody - but right now I can't get a web link to work? more on that later. UPDATE: it's here

more importantly, did you know that Wayne, with significant collaboration from his wife Becca, is going to be a daddy vvvv soon? and that in his compulsive musicological nerdery he's already analyzed, sampled, and remixed little Nico's currently enwombed heartbeat? yeah Wayne is awesome and parenthood is really fucking adorable, and considering her impressively brainy lineage and the awesome and well-rounded playlist he's working on for the little lady I'd say the odds are close to even that she'll be using fruity loops before she learns to walk. congratssss!

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wayne&wax said...

awww, thanks. we do have high hopes for her.

and what's this? you've moved? is it permanent? looks like you've brought a lot of stuff here with you, like you're planning to stay or something.

the link to the tim burke piece is
but the site seems to be down right now