Thursday, January 24, 2008

maybe one day I'll have what I want

I'm a little meh on the band name/song title/lyrics but man do I love this song! appealingly scruffy but appropriately mellow two-chord DIY drum machine power ballad (vaguely reminiscent, like so many other great things, of a vibe from urge overkill's 1993 masterpiece saturation, in this case the track 'dropout' specifically) with these really.fucking.awesome vocals on top!!! really raunchily nostalgic, desperately soulful, just barely hinged - imagine a cross between jack black and joe somar? recommend!

update: actually I just realized it's kind of a cross between two songs on 'saturation' - 'dropout' most obviously in terms of the beat and arrangement but also kind of the majestic, yearning melodic qualities and beachside vibes (well, more like poolside vibes in the case of urge overkill, obv) of 'heaven 90210', possibly the greatest alt-rock power ballad of the 90s. I guess there's a major element of Beefheart on the vox too, no? sorry to play 'name the similar vibe' I hope it doesn't dimish their accomplishment here I'm just riffin obv

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