Tuesday, January 8, 2008

outdoor lodge

remembering why I love working from home, I've recently opened up the outdoor branch of the lodge office for the first time in the 08, wtf this is great. my little friend emilio the cat is sitting behind bars watching birds (mostly) and me (occasz) from inside the lodge, which is maybe a little sad but maybe he's made his peace with it. I hope so b/c he is so cute

and, remembering why everything has really seemed to be 'clicking' for me and in the world in general over the past week or so, there's a brand new episode of Mr. C's Bossa Nova Carnival up on WFMU, which is just just the most perfect vibe right now for all kinds of reasons, and a really awesome coincidence with the awesome spring weather since dude has been doing like one episode every 1.25 years for the past 4 years. the singer on the second track sounds like michael mcdonald in his throaty chewbaccaness, no? by now we know, the wave is on its way to be

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