Sunday, January 13, 2008


hey I'm not a big fan of like 'comedy' videos etc but what is not to love about this tribute to neil strauss's 'the game', one of my favorite books (true story! not that I ever learned anything from reading it obv) which I understand is now a reality show or something that I'd be v interested in seeing some day, featuring the talents of paul rudd, one of the greatest comic actors alive (rip chris farley) and david wain, who is much less annoying than michael showalter! fellow traveler dav informs me that the line about how yr hair smells like the carpet in the hallway of an apartment building where old russian people live, "that is an actual thing"

- morningside heightsers will also experience the thrill (?) of recognition at the scene at pertutti's at the beginning! I think I found this by following a lightning bolt myspace bulletin board post linking to the trailer for 'pineapple express', which definitely looks possibly awesome - I highly recommend befriending the bolt they post great bulletins

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