Thursday, January 17, 2008

two things (unrelated)

1 - transcendently weird title on this otherwise very satisfactory John Judis piece on why Obama losing NH wasn't due to New Hampshireans and like by extension all of White America being the secret racists you always feared, relax

2 - this oldish Pat Jordan profile of poker great Daniel Negreanu is great, the stuff with his mom is esp cute actually really moving, via Bronx Banter

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Tim said...

Except that

"And it seems unlikely that racism can help to explain that, since well-educated women may be the least racist sub-group in American society"

is as poorly-sourced as the original Kohut contention. The "Bradley effect," as I understand it, is a lot more sub-conscious than I think people are talking about it as. I don't think people deliberately lie to pollsters, but there's a weird thing that happens when you actually go to the polls. I remember first having this feeling in 2000, standing in a little booth near my dad's house. "WTF am I thinking? Can I really vote for Nader??" To deny that people might have sub-conscious tendencies towards people of their own race is really kind of missing the point. Yeah, it's definitely racist, this world would (will?) be a better place if (when?) it stops, but I think it's a distinct possibility. That "the Bradley effect" didn't show up as much in Iowa might be explained by the fact that it was a caucus... whatever, I don't know.

The more important question in my mind is: if Obama transferred to Columbia after two years at Occidental, does that mean he DIDN'T STUDY THE CORE????