Wednesday, January 30, 2008

vibe music

there is this new rap 'micro-genre' comin outta south FL called "VIBE MUSIC" and it is basically like super chilled out, midtempo strip club anthems with pretty synths, lots of hooks and only occasz rapping, what more do you need to know it is obviously awesome - Alexis, as usual, has the details and links you need to understand this important new vibe vibe*

also conveniently a youtube of Snoop's infinitely rewatchable/relistenable "Sensual Seduction" video, which as you probably know by now is one of the best videos ever, and which you might not know (I didn't!) was produced by VIBE MUSIC mastermind Shawty Redd. Doggystyle was what, 15 years ago?? who would've guessed Snoop would still be so relevant, not to mention so fucking avant-garde and awesome, in the 08?

* also in vibe news, I'm sure the frequently missed Internet Vibes is having its biggest day of traffic in a hot minute! we are opening for those Vampire Weekend knuckleheads tonight at the Bowery, excited and totally bracing myself for extreme failure, potential psychological meltdown, etc

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