Thursday, January 24, 2008

draft outlines for 2 forthcoming posts re: 90s alt rock

1. secretly actually the greatest 90s alt rock albums of all time

i. singles soundtrack
ii. urge overkill: saturation
iii. spacehog: resident alien
iv. new radicals: maybe you've been brainwashed too

(am I forgetting anybody? feel free to argue about the order these should go in, aside from singles obv)

2. secrets of the greatest secret tracks of the 90s of all time

i. nirvana 'endless nameless'
ii. guns n roses 'look at your game girl'
iii. urge overkill 'untitled jam at the end of saturation'
iv. I know I am forgetting something major here


Bill Tozier said...

1. might also include Meat Puppets' "Too High to Die". But seeing the Spacehog on your list lifts my heart, I admit.

johnnn said...

mr prof tozier, whoa! cool, it's an honor.

'too high to die' is almost definitely better than that new radicals album, you're right, that in partic was kind of a provocative draft pick. I guess I could've called the list 'three albums by bands considered one-hit wonders/bands that people consider jokes that actually had a bunch of great songs' - I was gonna include frank black's 'teenager of the year' and the breeders 'last splash', for instance, b/c those are just great albums, but they just seemed too reputable. ditto the puppets post-nirvana unplugged, though 'backwater' would easily make a 'greatest forgotten alt-rock singles of the 90s of all time' list, which is also an idea whose time has prob come. along with all of the sponge singles. etc, nostalgia, etc, curiosity about my taste then vs my taste now, etc, etc, early morning pre-coffee grasping

that spacehog album really is totally unfuckwithable, top to bottom there are really no bad tracks and at least like 6 great ones, I revisit it at least a couple times a year for sure

LLK said...

Dude, I don't have a single one of those albums. Please share (rapidly?)

Oh and I'd also add Morphine's "Cure for Pain" if I was you/me. But I haven't listened to it in a while. I've been trying to find my CD for weeks and now I'm just gonna dl it.

johnnn said...

all in good time wrt sharing! it's a draft outline. "Cure For Pain" and/or "Yes" was definitely considered, but, as noted wrt the commentage by the esteemed Mr. Tozier, this was in some ways a polemical list, and by polemic I mean 'sincere but slightly stupid'. though fwiw some of that Morphine stuff hasn't aged as well as I'd hoped, considering how much I was into it - was gonna do a post on them a couple months ago, actually.

the dark vibes of the "Yes" album cover reminds me of the Afghan Whigs's similar lone-flame-in-the-darkness cover for "Black Love", which would also definitely definitely make any definitive serious list, and/or "Gentlemen"