Friday, January 25, 2008


when trying to explain to power-naifs about how amazing and next-next-next-level is, I am occasz asked "wait, so did these guys invent power hour mixes?"

the answer of course is 'no', but only in the exact same way that Babe Ruth didn't 'invent' hitting home runs or that Takeru Kobayashi didn't 'invent' competitive eating. but like those pioneers in their chosen disciplines, takes a concept 'invented' by mere humans and elevates it to a level of artistry and skill that was previously unimaginable. where their predecessors were content to trudge along with their eyes to the ground, scratching out primitive and immediately forgotten footnotes to history, soars above, inspiring us to consider not only drinking but the whole human endeavor in a new light of limitless possibility, and, yes, hope

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