Saturday, January 5, 2008

the green lodge

it's saturday night in my room, and I'm surrounded by 6 cans of Coke arranged around my desk and floor, I am trying to figure out which one is the 'current' one and which are half-kills that have potentially been sitting around for as long as two days. I put my ear to each can, listening for the carbonation level, I'm pretty sure it's this one, but it doesn't sound quite fizzy enough. is Coke less fizzy than Pepsi - my usual cola of choice until recently, for some reason - i.e. are my fizziness expectations just too high? did I put it someplace weird that I haven't noticed yet? how horrible would it be if I accidentally drank an old one! should I just drink a beer instead? within arms length of my computer on my desk and on the floor there are

- 5 empty vitamin water bottles (3 formula 50, 1 b relaxed, and 1 rescue)
- 2 empty beers (Budweiser and Kronenberg)
- 1 unopened beer (Kronenberg)
- 2 mostly empty glasses of water
- 1 almost completely full glass of water mixed with one of those vitamin C powders that was acai berry flavored and disgusting
- 1 half drunk bottle of Very Old Barton bourbon, a birthday present from Alexis, who is officially in blog limbo thanks to the new blog-city redesign - will she bother to make a new site at teenjeoparty? will she blog on a new site? will she ever bother blogging again?
- 1 mostly drunk bottle of Chilean wine, appropriately enough
- 1 half-drunk coffee

because I am just lazy, and NOT a disgusting person lacking in personal hygiene, there is no old food anywhere in my room, thank you very much, although there IS 'current' food, a recently-delivered general tso's chicken that I am eating with a knife because there are no clean forks and mr. wonton never provides plastic forks (should I feel bad about hating this environmentally conscious measure? isn't not having to do dishes one of the joys of ordering out? would I order out less if I had a dishwasher?), and I was hungry and didn't want to commit to doing dishes because there are a bunch right now.

I am slightly confused about the placement of my current beverage b/c I just came back to my room after a failed attempt to watch some of the Democratic debate on TV. I heard it started at 8:30 so I checked it out then but there was just a lot of NFL pregame-esque bullshit, I felt bad enough for wanting to watch it in the first place but staring into this fathomless abyss of punditry and politics-as-shitty-entertainment (literally like 'here is what political consultants are saying about the storylines that the campaigns are likely going to be pushing to spin the news tomorrow') really just made me feel terrible, so I came back to my room, which has an exposed green light bulb and green-painted walls, where I work and eat and record music and occasionally sleep, where I have lived for four and a half years, which is longer than I have blogged, and I ended up writing this blog.

actually there was kind of a cool moment in the pre-debate coverage where Democrats were shaking hands and exchanging whatever (undoubtedly psychotic) pleasantries politicians exchange in these kinds of situations with the Republican candidates as the former took the stage directly after the conclusion of the latter's debate (giving the false impression that it was just gonna start right there with maybe a quick bathroom break for the moderator and not like a half hour break for pundits to talk about questions posted on fucking Facebook). the liberal elite just stays up later, it is what it is! anyway it was kind of like when the cast of one TV show meets the cast of another TV show on one of their respective TV shows, like Flinstones meet the Jetsons, which I thought was funny.

I was right, it IS this can.

I'm going to read the NYT liveblog of the debate to see if it will be worth leaving the room to watch a little bit of it, just to sample the flavor. then I'm going to work on some music, possibly with Aron, who has been doing something I barely understand to a set of bike handlebars and also knows how to spend a quasi-productive Saturday night at home alone, even though he has a girlfriend, which is a powerful and frequent testament to his quintessentially masculine dedication to solitary, obsessive pursuits. he's been working on the handlebar thing for hours, and it involves a saw somehow. later I hope to watch "Lost Highway" which I was inspired to rent by Timmers G on New Year's Eve, it's his favorite Lynch, and Dav also recommended it the other day. I'm interested to see my reaction to it after spending a couple of days in the past week researching just how fucking psychologically damaged Lynch prob is due to his terrifyingly deep involvement with Tr*nscendental Medit*tion. also on his audiobook thing he mentions how he thinks the movie was heavily influenced by his obsession with the OJ trial, which was going on while he was writing it or making it or whatever, because he was seeing OJ playing golf and shit and wondering how he could be so chill (with the implication of course that he really did kill her), and ended up researching fugue states, where something awful happens and then you just kind of split off a new personality and life. the video's already 2 days late, and after racking up a really embarrassing late fee on the last disc of Twin Peaks I am keen to not draw too much more attention to my weird renting habits, but I might be too late and the only thing I really want to watch after this is "Fire Walk With Me" (again)


theponyproblem said...

lost highway is the best lynch! someone also once referred to patricia arquette's acting style as "the great void of american cinema..." which was cool.

alexis said...

blog angst level was indeed very high before dec. 31st. but don't worry, working on not 1, but 2 blogs in sercet locations to be unveiled in the coming week? *crossed fingers, sweat, tears, etc.* i have to say that the first time i came to "the lodge" it freaked me out a little in like a sonzala->austin kinda way. sometimes these internet places become a part of us... but like, as always, the vision is becoming clearer to me and i'm updating my mental (and actual) bookmarks for '08...

johnnn said...

as you say, it's a new year! looking forward to your new spots