Sunday, January 6, 2008

half heart

still feeling a very special vibe here, iTunes says I've listened to this for a total of almost 10 hours this week -

david lynch and angelo badalamenti - half heart

'remind me' to write something sometime about my almost inescapably positive feelings re saxophone solos, recently enhanced in an unfamiliar and dramatic way by Lost Highway, but seriously is this soprano sax solo not a little slice of fucking heaven -


wayne&wax said...

just vibeswise (no sax i don't think), but i think you would prolly dig morricone's score for cinema paradiso if you don't know it.

also, esp if you like tremeloey guitars, see charlie haden and pat metheny's covers of two of said morricone songs on their beautiful duet album, beyond the missouri sky. for reals.

mcM├╝ller said...

thanks for posting this. I've wanted some mp3 Lynch/Badalam for a long while.

I'd like to hear A.B.'s score for the WICKER MAN remake, but not enough to actually see the movie.

One reviewer (I forget who) said something to the effect of, "Badalamenti totally mailed in the score to THE WICKER MAN. Not so good."

(How could he compete with CORN RIGS and MAYPOLE and all those songs from the oridge?)