Monday, January 7, 2008

o-mentum 2

man it's one thing to know in your head that 'whoever wins Iowa gets a big media boost' but seriously how fucking psyched in your heart for Obama are you after reading this Newsweek cover story? it really works! notice how his vaunted multiracial multicultural etc background and 'charisma' etc is barely touched on - the whole article is basically focused on telling you 1) how good of a leader and executive he is, with bold strategies executed competently with a keen eye towards fundamentals and 2) how his principles are good and genuinely held. in avoiding dwelling on the striking but by now stale 'this guy just IS change! he just IS!' intro and in seeming to address the two basic concerns most people kind of have about whether he'd be a good president (e.g. is he competent, and does he have personal integrity), this is pretty much everything the campaign could ask for in terms of being super positive and in advancing the media narrative right on schedule

they even manage to give him some humanizing but basically flattering flaws - sometimes he's just too presidential! - which in every case are made up for by how fucking awesome his wife is! and it seems like it's all working! like 'true love', you really can't buy press like this, it has to be given freely, and from the heart

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