Friday, January 11, 2008


question of the day, am I going to register for the Democratic party so that I can vote in the surreally actually-significant NY primary? I don't know, it could happen! I mean I should probably take advantage of the historic opp etc but it's kind of a busy work day and I don't really want to be on weird party mailing lists or whatever happens, I'm a fucking Independent! but also a strategic one. thanks to Moveon mover/shaker Peter K, 801a, and Caitlin for the three separate reminders and helpful web links in the past 24 hr, I couldn't have even thought about doing this without you!

UPDATE: it is really fucking raining rite now!!! it's a complex calculation

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wayne&wax said...

i say do it. you might get wet, but i don't think you have to fear any mailers. (i don't receive any and i've been a registered dem since jump, much as i'd also identify as independent -- that practically makes one a dem in this country, at least in recent years.) don't disenfranchise yerself! & you can always go back.